Wednesday, June 23, 2010

all that's sacred #58

One show into the Euro tour and we are off to a promising start - already getting a new song, Of The Earth! Longtime listener, Andy in the UK, shot me a Facebook note about an ATS encounter from the Dublin gig:

”So I walk up to take my spot on the floor and the guy next to me looks at my ATS t-shirt and says 'great podcast'. We start chatting and he says are you Andy from London! Ha, fucking famous lol He recognised my voice from the podcast, not only that, it was Warren or Wazza's request you dedicated to my son Luke, when he broke his collar bone back in March (iron man/Luke the uke from the Reading festival). What are the chances of that! Small world huh....”

Stories like that totally make my day! :)

#58 entertains with some great listener requests and a few more tunes to prepare for the upcoming dates on this leg of the tour. I also spend some time discussing a few changes coming to the podcast. It’s a little chatty but I’m speaking from the heart and cuff and I hope y’all are onboard as we move onward and upward. Further, I appreciate everyone tuning in and participating over the last 58 weeks and look forward to this next chapter in the ATS story.

So until next time, Cheers! Donny

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

all that's sacred #57

It’s getting to be that time again… Pearl Jam kicks off 11 dates across the pond on June 22nd in Dublin, Ireland and wraps up on July 10th in Oeiras, Portugal. To commemorate and prepare the lucky ones, we are featuring a few listener-suggested tracks from past European shows on ATS #57. Lots of great memories and I can’t wait to see what’s in store this go around. If the domestic tour was any indicator, it’s guaranteed to have me wishing I was there. This band continues to defy the odds – remaining relevant and getting better with age. Have fun on tour.

Just a quick note regarding emails… I appreciate anyone and everyone who reaches out to the podcast. I’ve been pretty busy and distracted lately and, as a result, have fallen way behind on responding to your letters. I just want y’all to know that I get and read all the emails and will respond as soon as I can. Just didn’t want anyone thinking I was ignoring them.

Anyway, thanks for the participation and continued support of the podcast. It’s fun doing this every week. Enjoy #57.

Cheers! Donny

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

all that's sacred #56

We finally got a taste of summer here in the Pacific Northwest and so it only seemed appropriate to mark the occasion on #56 with a few relaxing tunes. So imagine yourself someplace sunny and enjoy.

Next week we'll return to get folks pumped for the Euro tour. Thanks as always for tuning in.

Cheers! Donny

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

all that's sacred #55

The down time before the Euro shows allows me a moment to tend to some unfinished business. ATS #55 runs the gamut with a few listener requests, a belated Memorial Day dedication, and a bit of a rant from yours truly. Time was at a premium this week and, as a result, we're a little disjointed and coming in at under an hour for the first time in weeks. I hope it still makes for a fun listen and I promise to bring some sunshine next week.

Hope everyone is well and, as always, appreciate you taking the time to tune in.

Cheers! Donny