Wednesday, February 3, 2010

all that's sacred #38

Anticipation for some new news from the PJ camp has the natives restless and tensions heightened. While there still hasn’t been any additional band dates announced for 2010, Seattleites, at least, were glad to hear Mike McCready has two upcoming gigs benefitting the crisis in Haiti and the CCFA.

Hopefully episode #38 can help those fans jonesing for a PJ fix in some small way. This week we are exploring some of the many cover songs the band has treated us to over the years. Despite having help in song selection with some great listener suggestions, it was hard to not get carried away with so much great material to choose from. That being the case - and the fact that I got a little chatty - resulted in this being the longest podcast to date at just over 1 hour 18 minutes! Hope y'all consider this to be a good thing.

Thanks and enjoy #38.

Cheers! Donny

Everyday – 10/18/00 Lubbock, TX
Can’t Help Falling In Love – 8/15/00 Memphis, TN
25 Minutes To Go – 10/25/03 Mountain View, CA
One Step Up – EV/Bad Radio demo
Shine On You Crazy Diamond – EV w/ Jack Irons
Fuckin’ Up – 6/27/08 Hartford, CT
Sonic Reducer – 4/3/94 Atlanta, GA
Masters Of War – 10/16/92 New York, NY
Guantanamera/La Bamba – 7/19/03 Mexico City, Mexico


Brian said...

So 4/3/94 Fox Theatre was your first show...lucky bastard. Great story!

Seattle Rock Guy said...

Donny, your podcast is amazing. Enjoy it as often as possible. Keep up the great work!

RHINOJAM said...

GREAT PODCAST THIS WEEK ! I can't believe i've never heard that Bad Radio demo of a Bruce song before. Just when I thought I had it all, you surprised me again. Thanks Donny

jo said...

Finally able to listen to #38. Thanks...great selections...enjoyed them all.
AND I got my shirt in the mail and absolutely LOVE IT!!!
Thanks, Donny :)

All That's Sacred said...

Brain: I am a lucky bastard indeed!

SRG: Thanks for all the support Nik! Enjoy your blog as well. Everyone check out

Rhinojam: I try and make interesting for everyone -- even folks who've heard it all.

Jo: Thanks for ordering ATS gear! :)

Thanks everyone for listening and contributing to the podcast. Special thanks to anyone who bought ATS gear. Hope you like your podcast swag!

Cheers, Donny

Anonymous said...

That version of Sonic Reducer has gotta be the best. The guitars on that are nasty!

mlaquimia said...

First time I visit your podcast.
I am glad I did visit this ATS episode.

I cannot believe you attended the Fox Theater Atlanta 1994! It is just the most perfect concert ever played. Do you have any idea if there are any unnoficial DVDs from that concert??? I'd love to watch them playing Deep and Garden in that show...

Congratulations for the ATS podcast. Really brilliant!
Best regards from Brazil (currently in New Zealand, actually)